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Once again, I am seing I would opt for a minimal style for Fall, of course I won’t forget the key acessories that I have already told in the last post. I need to buy a trench-coat from the next season and definitelly boots!!! I think the trench-coat, is an essential piece to display in […]

Sometimes, I stop to think that Fall/Winter Collections have got more details/acessories than the Spring/Summer Collections (scarves,gloves,hoods,trench-coats,rain-boots,umbrellas…) Here I will display some of top designers´s proposes in acessories for Fall…

This kind of creative and high fashion sneakers I am not sure if You would find some similiar in Zara…(We want one’s for our collection!!!) Probably you can find in LUISAVIAROMA and of course pay for them more than 100 €. But in my case I would add to the basket one pair of Kris […]

Armani Bags


We will explore some of Mister Armani purposes of bags for use in the Fall of 2009/10… Nice design for this shopping bags, I have my own shopping bag but of course is from Zara, in Zara you can find always good shopping bags and other acessories without the brand name, but I am sure […]