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SOMETIMES, Crisis could be disfarced: Givenchy for an example, design extavaganza boots for the bling bling guys who wants to shine with or without the problems caused by the crisis. It’s a simple example that we could fight and dress what we want with extravaganza and creativity, couldn’t be Givenchy but perhaps a vintage store… […]



Once again, I am seing I would opt for a minimal style for Fall, of course I won’t forget the key acessories that I have already told in the last post. I need to buy a trench-coat from the next season and definitelly boots!!! I think the trench-coat, is an essential piece to display in […]

Sometimes, I stop to think that Fall/Winter Collections have got more details/acessories than the Spring/Summer Collections (scarves,gloves,hoods,trench-coats,rain-boots,umbrellas…) Here I will display some of top designers´s proposes in acessories for Fall…

I was desperate to buy those pants I saw some weeks ago in Pull And Bear and yesterday I bought it so I am so happy! and I also do some hippie dance’s shoots! And today I was searching and I see a very similar pants at Oki-ni but almost 10X more exepensive than mine […]

This ad campaign is so glamorous and gorgeous so I have to put some photos in the blog. For people who don’t know Loewe is a spanish luxury brand of bags, jewels and acessories…

Since the Mango men´s line was creted I love it…It´s a line very polite and latin, but very fashionable and not very expensive collection. See here some details of the spring 09 collection: Of course I will take an walk at the HE store in Singapore, If I buy something I show here!

How and where this guys find their fashionable outfits and acessories??I don’t have so much style as they have I am feeling sad! I love the similar coat with Chanel Paris-Moscou militar coat…